Turnkey Raised Bed Kitchen Gardens Designed & Installed for You

Get a customized Bare Root Garden Design Plan for 52 organic and delicious harvests a year.

Download the Utah County

seasonal planting guide!

Know what to plant and when to plant with our free handy seasonal planting guide!

All of us understand the value of a garden centered lifestyle

But let’s face it:

Setting up and growing a garden in Utah County’s unique climate is hard work.

Bare Root Gardens Certified Consultants Do the Hard Work for You

Dreaming of growing and harvesting your own food but don't know how to start?

All you have to do is tell us your garden dreams, show us your space, and approve your kitchen garden design.

We do the rest.

All that’s left is for you to step outside into the garden and start harvesting.

The first step is a one hour personal meeting with one of our experienced consultants.

Your Bare Root Gardens Consultant will work with you to create a custom and stylized raised bed kitchen garden design perfect for your dreams and your space.

Then, all you have to do is select and approve your Bare Root Garden Plan and we’ll get to work to install your kitchen garden and provide you with personal planting, coaching and a maintenance plan to help you seamlessly incorporate the kitchen garden into your healthy lifestyle.

60 min Garden Consult


We visit, envision with you, and identify the perfect garden location, taking into account space size, sunlight, and water access.

Build it Myself


Turnkey kitchen garden installation so you can enjoy your garden on day one

Garden designs and  planting plans


As many harvests a year as possible (depending on area in Utah County) and access to seasonal coaching, planting, and maintenance services

Bare Root Gardens makes your dream kitchen garden a reality.

Four-Garden Classic

Garden Trio

Twin Garden

Border Garden

Avoid the overwhelm with a Personalized Bare Root Garden Plan

Our task at Rooted Garden is to remove the confusion and disappointment in your garden by providing you with a custom Garden Plan that begins with three garden design options, provides a turnkey kitchen garden installation, and keeps you growing with access to coaching and maintenance each season, ensuring 52 harvests from your kitchen garden every year.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Start right away the right way-avoid costly mistakes and lost seasons of growth with a customized raised bed kitchen garden created by your Bare Root Garden Consultant

Get Maximum Results

Use your Bare Root Garden Plan to get at least 52 delicious and beautiful harvests from your Utah County kitchen garden

Grow With Confidence

Have a kitchen garden created by the Utah County kitchen garden experts that only use custom materials and local and organic soil, plants and seeds

Becoming a gardener can feel overwhelming

We should know…

Though all of your Bare Root Garden Consultants successfully harvest more than 52 times a year in their own Utah County kitchen gardens, we all began growing with the same doubts: ‘This will never work.’

Because of Utah County’s unique climate with high temps, sporadic yet sometimes extreme rainfall, spring snow, different elevations, dry humidity and consistent sunny days, growing vegetables and fruit in this city, especially in a beautiful way, can feel impossible. We have all been there.

But all of us at Bare Root Gardens are currently harvesting delicious food from our garden almost every week of the year. We’ve learned that with a successful setup and a proven system, it’s possible to skip the overwhelm and frustration and instead enjoy a garden centered lifestyle, even when it’s hot outside.

We don’t just design your kitchen gardens. We help you become a confident gardener.

All our kitchen gardens come with our

Four Key Structures:

Custom Raised Beds, Beautiful Metal Trellises,

Distinctive Borders, and Convenient Pathways

Bare Root Garden Design packages include our classic raised gardens, trellises, and steel edging.

Our expert garden setup guarantees you'll start on the right foot—minus the overwhelm.

Discover your Zen in a garden designed to be your personal oasis.


2’ tall custom garden beds of cedar

Custom or Designer Trellises

Stone Walkways

Curated organic soil blend

Rooted Garden Intensive Planting


18” tall custom garden beds of cedar

Designer Trellises

Minimal Stepping Stones

Curated organic soil blend

Rooted Garden Intensive Planting


12” custom garden beds of cedar

Prefabricated trellises

Gravel pathways

Curated organic curated soil blend

Rooted Garden Intensive Planting

Here at Bare Root Garden Designs, we’re all about growing our own food and making our Kitchen Gardens beautiful!

We want your garden to feel like a retreat, not a chore!Full Width

So How Does it All Work?

Our Three Step Plan for Kitchen Garden Success

1: Schedule & Meet with Your BRG Consultant

We hear your needs, we get to personally see your space, you receive a custom design from our expertise.

2: Select and Approve Your Design and Plan

Receive 3 options from a company that’s designed 100’s of kitchen gardens and choose your favorite along with your preferences, rest easy as we do all the work to make your kitchen garden happen

3: Step Into Your Turnkey Kitchen Garden

Open the door to your brand new kitchen garden with a custom Growing Plan that results in 52 harvests a year


Kelsey Arnett

After years of trial and (a lot of error), Kelsey learned how to successfully grow a thriving kitchen garden in her own backyard.

As friends asked for advice with their own gardens, Kelsey founded Bare Root Gardens, a kitchen garden company that has served more than 250 clients and designed more than 100 residential raised kitchen gardens.

Kelsey's passion is to see everyone growing a little bit of their own food and for kitchen gardens to become an ordinary part of everyday life once again.

Learn About our 60-minute Garden Consultation

We will come to your location and spend 60 minutes learning about your vision for a Kitchen Garden.  We will determine the best location, based on important criteria such as overall size of the space, hours of sunlight and access to a water source. This consult happens in person.

 Within 3-5 days we will provide a concept design, vision board, and cost estimate for a turnkey installation. Your $150 consultation fee includes 1 revision of the original plan.

(Additional changes will be billed at $60 per hour.)

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